At Sweet Spot Cycling, we use state-of-the-art CompuTrainers which gives each client access to power, cadence and speed. Individual progress is tracked using metrics, technology and software. Client results are emailed immediately following a workout!

Happy Hour
October - March
Friday's: 6-7PM


Join us on the 1st and 3rd Friday’s each month for a 60 minute class at half price ($10). Stick around for a brew after class.

High Intensity

Tuesday's: 5:45AM/6PM


The High Intensity (HIT) class focuses mostly on shorter,  high intensity intervals (above threshold) that challenge ones explosive power and anaerobic capacity over the period of one hour. 

Mixed Intervals    

Wednesday's: 5:45AM


The Mixed Intervals class is designed for athletes of all abilities, whether you are making a new year’s resolution to dust off your bike or you are a seasoned racer looking to build your performance. Using a combination of high intensity, sustained power and technique, classes feature intervals that will suit each rider differently in a supportive group setting. 

Sustained Power

Thursday's: 5:45AM/6PM


The Sustained Power class focuses on sustained sub-threshold, threshold and super-threshold intervals over the course of one hour. Threshold intervals increase the body's ability to buffer lactic acid which enables one to sustain harder efforts for longer periods of time.  

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test



Understanding your functional threshold power (FTP) is essential in establishing training zones and parameters to help you improve individually. The FTP Test is a 20 minute, all out time trial effort. During class, we provide a structured warm-up leading up to the test, and then each individual will put forth their best 20 minute effort. Following the test, the coach will calculate your FTP and email you with your appropriate training zones. Why is this important? Every time you take a class at Sweet Spot Cycling or do a prescribed workout from your coach, your efforts will be derived from your FTP. This allows you to train effectively to reach your personal goals! 

Cycling 101 Clinic

Group Scheduling


Are you interested in cycling but need a brush up on rules of the road and bike handling skills? Join Sweet Spot Cycling and Richmond Area Bicycle Association (RABA) for our Cycling 101 Clinic.  The clinic is centered around the fundamentals of cycling for those who would like to gain more knowledge and confidence on the bike. Clinic topics include: sound principles of safety as developed by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB);  Virginia law and legal use of streets; proper signaling; accident avoidance; bike handling skills; general bike fit; appropriate clothing, etc.  The clinic is in two parts: Part One is in the classroom where instructors and participants discuss the topics listed above. Part Two is the practical application of skills on the bike in an outdoor setting. For more information contact us: